TESOL and TEFL Courses available now at 007DailyDeals

Published On 29-12-2013 6:35 AM by 007DailyDeals Team
Ever wanted to travel the world and work at the same time? Ever wanted to play hard but work hard at the same time? Or maybe you’ve just always wanted to do something that was fulfilling as well as adventurous? Well here is your opportunity to finally do all of these things by grabbing this TESOL course available now at 007DailyDeals. This is your chance to live your dream of travelling the world in order to explore and teach at the same time. By purchasing this massively discounted deal, Teach International also offers you the... Read more

Pilot Training in the UK

Published On 29-12-2013 6:31 AM by 007DailyDeals Team
We all have had dreams of becoming someone great in life. Isn’t it a shame that we always seem to have an excuse as to why we never achieved them? We simply just end up trading in our dreams for mediocrity just like everyone else. Life only really begins when you start living and stop accepting the social norms that have been drummed into you since your childhood. There comes a time in life when we all need to really start assessing where we’re heading and begin to make some drastic changes and take a few risks for once, in order to get... Read more

What lovely bracelets!!

Published On 29-12-2013 6:25 AM by 007DailyDeals Team
Why does everyone want to look like a celebrity these days? We’re all unique so why are we all trying to look the same? These are just some of the questions that spring to mind whenever there’s a new celebrity or popular personality that turns up on the scene like Kim Kardashian and takes the world by storm. The truth is that these people are extremely good stylists and trend setters! Like them or loath them, they are! And they should be treated and respected as such. We here at 007DailyDeals HQ understand exactly why people follow... Read more

The 007DailyDeals Mission

Published On 29-12-2013 6:19 AM by 007DailyDeals Team
​ We are here to provide you with the widest variety and latest top secret deals in the UK. We aim to deliver you with not only the best products and services but with the biggest and best discounts available. From health and fitness, beauty, electronics, holiday and travel, beauty spa, health clubs, jewellery, fashion, restaurants and many many more, our 007 agents will find the best deals out there. Our support team work around the clock to ensure that we meet all of your needs and are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to... Read more

Daily Deal Sites Customer Service

Published On 29-12-2013 6:15 AM by 007DailyDeals Team
Now we’ve all heard of the horror stories when it comes to customer service. From restaurants, hotels, and now even daily deals sites, customer service has been the main focus in recent media headlines. Obviously our focus here at 007DailyDeals is to ensure that all of our members receive the highest level of customer service in our industry. Which is exactly why we offer customer service support 24/7 around the clock to ensure that all queries are responded to within 24 hours of receipt. We also encourage our members to get in touch... Read more

Android Tablet Deals Available Now

Published On 29-12-2013 6:13 AM by 007DailyDeals Team
We’ve had a huge number of requests to get in some Android tablets so our 007 agents have been on the lookout for the best deals we can find on them. The Google Android operating system is one of the most innovative pieces of software to hit the IT market in recent years and we’re glad to provide you with the opportunity to obtain  one of these trend setting Android tablets for less than half its original purchase price! Look out for more deals coming soon in the 007DailyDeals Shop and don’t forget to sign up to receive access to our... Read more

Australian Sheepskin UGG Boot deals unveiled for your eyes only…

Published On 29-12-2013 6:11 AM by 007DailyDeals Team
You won’t believe what our 007 agents have found! Our 007 agents have searched all over the country to bring you one of the most exclusive deals in daily deals history! Available right now at 007DailyDeals are Australian UGG Triplet Button boots including free delivery! This deal comes with limited availability and is shipped directly from 007DailyDeals HQ. This has got to be one of the most exciting deals ever to hit the internet since its inception! Stay tuned as there is much much more to come… Read more

Christmas Daily Deal

Published On 29-12-2013 6:07 AM by 007DailyDeals Team Can you actually believe that Christmas is just around the corner! We know, it’s crazy isn’t it?! It’s like 2012 has just completely flown by from Euro 2012 to the London 2012 Olympic Games this year must have felt like a whirlwind with all of the social and historical sporting events that have taken place. But there’s still one more important event to go and that’s Christmas! Here at 007DailyDeals we have lined up some treats for you including Christmas daily deals that will be especially wrapped and shipped to arrive at your door... Read more

Swarovski Jewellery Deals available throughout the Christmas period on 007DailyDeals

Published On 29-12-2013 6:02 AM by 007DailyDeals Team
This Christmas we’re going to be pulling out all the stops to provide you with some absolutely fabulous Swarovski jewellery deals!!! We have our 007 agents strategically located all over the United Kingdom to ensure that we locate the best deals in the country and deliver them to you at the best prices. Our Swarovski jewellery deals will range from earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and even three piece jewellery sets. So make sure that you keep up to date with our special 007 Christmas jewellery deals by signing up and purchasing... Read more

My First Blog

Published On 26-12-2013 6:28 PM by 007DailyDeals Team
My First Blog Desc
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